About Us

Future materials will have precisely engineered structure and properties tailored from the nano- to the meter scale. They will also be capable of actively and precisely changing their internal and surface structure, shape, and effective properties.

Our research aims at (i) engineering materials by synthesizing and assembling nanostructured building blocks into larger scales, (ii) modeling, understanding and tailoring the mechanical behavior of these materials and (iii) demonstrating new applications of these materials.

We work at the intersection of materials science and engineering . Projects in our group combine some of the activities below:

  • Designing hierarchical bio-inspired material systems spanning the nano- to cm- scales;
  • Synthesis and self-assembly of heterogeneous nanostructures;
  • Studying the materials’ multi-functional properties;
  • Building awesome machines and fine mechanisms to realize all of the above.

Interested students are encouraged to apply for admission to the graduate programs in the Department of Mechanical Science & Engineering.

To find out more about our research, please see a list of our recent journal articles.